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Garden Design Dublin


Designing gardens around your needs and budget.

The landscaping company that provide you with best garden design in Dublin and Ireland for your home, enjoy the experience of being outdoors with a sense of relaxation and joy in a truly individual garden. With 18 years of experience we are unique in that we can complete your garden design transformation within two days and we have created an abundance of fantastic garden designs so that people can enjoy restoring their energy, relaxing with family, or playing with their children in their own back garden...

Easy 1 - 2 - 3 Design Process

1. Consultation

Let us impress you
Garden Design Dublin

We will visit your garden within 5 working days of contacting us.

In most cases we can sit down and design your garden within a 1 hour consultation.

You will be left with a full detailed design and breakdown of materials.

2. Decide Budget

Economic climate worries? not with us.
Garden Design Dublin

In the current financial climate we are strongly aware that the number one priority for most of our clients is cost. We have the experience and capability to design the garden you require while meeting your budget.

We do this by using highly effective garden designs with clever construction techniques to minimise the costs for the construction of your garden.

3. Set a Date for Project Start

We never miss start dates. Period.
Garden Design Dublin

If you decide to use our construction services we then can set a start date which suits you.

We are proud of never missing a start date, this is one of the main successes of our service.

Get in touch and get a garden design dublin quotation.

Garden Design Dublin

Did You Know?

We offer a full garden pruning and tidying service from just €120.
Contact us for full details.